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Achieving an Omanization rate of 92% at Daleel Petroleum

Daleel Petroleum sincerely acknowledges its working force as being one of its important assets. It is one of the main sources available in the country and it is considered the dynamic generator for any national economy. However, expatriates` knowledge, experience and competencies are crucially required in the Oil & Gas sector with a need to transmit it to the local workforce especially in the developing countries. By depending on the local workforce to operate all economical sectors as a vision, Daleel Petroleum has managed to achieve more than 92% of Omanization in all organizational levels. Following and implementing a number of policies and programs has led to the attraction of Omani employees; training & development plans, leadership development, graduate scheme and the corporate environment, have all been a driver to higher levels of productivity and loyalty to the organization. Such programs contribute effectively in achieving the required percentage for Oil & Gas sector and beyond. Ahmed Al Kharusi-(HR, Admin & IT Manager) stated on this achievement: “The future challenge that we could see, is to sustain the current percentage while the workforce market is determined by a number of variable factors; mainly is supply and demand of competent workers and other related issues to the market itself. Our mission at Daleel Petroleum is to maintain the percentage while functioning in line with the directives of His Majesty.” Daleel Petroleum has built a very good foundation of ever more efficient production, use of latest technology, ethical business standards and social responsibility. Operating in Block 5, onshore Oman approximately 450 km North West of Muscat, the dedicated and talented workforce is successfully propelling production efficiency. It is a joint venture registered in Oman between Mezoon Petrogas SAOC (Subsidiary of MB Holding and Mezoon Petrogas BVI (Subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation). The core business of the company is the production of oil, as well as exploiting and optimizing precious future reserves. This is a key contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.