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at Oman Economy Forum

A number of officials from Daleel Petroleum attended the Omani Forum in which topics related to the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)s were raised and discussed with an objective to reach effective and practical solutions to the existing challenges. The importance of being present is such a prestigious event is driven by the Company`s dedication to support SMEs. Furthermore, it was a knowledge sharing window in which a number of companies gave a brief about their experience in relation to the development of SMEs. Daleel likewise, shared its experience and highlighted the SME Mentorship programme in a presentation delivered by Ghassan Fadhal Bait bin Saleem, ICV Analyst at Daleel Petroleum. The talk also included the lessons learned from working with SMEs. On the other hand, the Supply Chain Manager at Daleel Petroleum responded to questions raised during the session on challenges encountered by SMEs while dealing with companies.