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By protecting the environment local communities, Daleel Petroleum celebrates its QHSE Day 2017

Daleel petroleum held its annual Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Day 2017 in the field. Under a theme of “Safety is to Walk the Talk” with an aim to embrace the QHSE occupational standards and culture across Daleel and its stakeholders, recognize outstanding employees and business partners for achieving the ultimate objective of protecting people, environment and local communities. The QHSE day 2017 program is successfully achieved its goals; by inspiring team work through various activities starting with a house- keeping campaign nearby Daleel concession area and particularly Masrooq village. A total number of two hundred people from different stakeholders were part of this campaign; this new initiative engaged a wide audience in terms of participation from Muscat and field employees, Daleel business partners and local community members. In addition, and in cooperation with Ministry of Health (MoH) the company field clinic received a good number of blood donators in line with MoH efforts in contributing to medical treatment and supplying Blood Banks across the Sultanate. In the evening, Daleel management opened the QHSE Day exhibition with an objective of emphasizing the crucial role of QHSE equipment, standards and culture as well. Later in the event, the management, shareholders, business partners and employees made a commitment to pledge to embrace the QHSE standards either occupation or in normal life symbolically by leaving an impression of their hands on a board placed at the exhibition. On this occasion, Mr. Gong Changli – Daleel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) stated that, “We at Daleel Petroleum maintain our commitment to protect our people and facilities, provide safe environment and well-being of our local community. The QHSE day is a ceremony to recognize and appreciate our people and business partners among many others in our operations for their outstanding contribution to QHSE objectives.” At the end, certificates of appreciation andrecognition trophies were awarded to those who are contributed effectively and efficiently; either individuals, teams or companies and whom paved the way to made Daleel QHSE 2016 performance in positioning Daleel Petroleum to qualify and maintain international certificates in the field of QHSE namely; ISO 14001:2004Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2008Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.