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“Responsible Behavior Towards Safety” in Daleel Monthly Sharek session

Daleel held its monthly gathering “Sharek” under the theme of “Responsible Behavior Towards Safety”. The session was planned and delivered by the Quality Health Safety Security & Environment (QHSSE) team.

With an objective to communicate and demonstrate the theme, and in cooperation with Petroleum Development of Oman, a Safety Belt Simulator & a Roll-Over Simulator were available to demonstrate and experience the impact of a collision on the human body. Earlier during the day, employees were engaged in an archery activity that trained employees on aiming skills and safety aspects from the security perspective. Furthermore, there were a number of awareness initiative which involved sharing a video titled “I chose to look the other way”. The story revolved around a situation where an individual takes the decision to ignore safety regulations. An action that might result in serious injuries or even loss of life. Rules are there for a reason, and should be maintained at all times to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

The agenda also included an announcement of a Weight Loss Initiative, which came following a wellness checkup campaign. The objective the initiative is to encourage healthy eating habits as well as regular exercising routines in employees` everyday life. Daleel is committed to the health and safety of its employees at all times.