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Daleel Petroleum Joins Hands for Families in Ibri

Daleel Petroleum Joins Hands for Families in Ibri In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development in Ibri, Daleel Petroleum engaged its employees in a charity campaign for the needy families in Ibri. The initiative was planned to support families during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. The Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) team organized the charity campaign in which the earnings were utilized to provide necessary grocery items for a total of 100 families in Ibri/ Al Dhahira Region.

Daleel is committed to sustaining its contributions towards the society through its corporate social responsibility programmes. The Chief Planning Officer at Daleel Petroleum, Fahmy Al Musharfi said on the occasion: “Daleel has always been active in the area of sustainable development with the focus directed towards environmental, educational and social projects. Such projects are part of our CSR strategy. The Ramadhan Charity Campaign targeted the families registered under the social welfare scheme. The cooperation from the Directorate of Social Development in Ibri, contributed in the success of this campaign. Appreciation is also extended to our employees in Daleel for engaging in this activity for such a noble cause.”