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In Country Value (ICV)

There are many opportunities in Oman. A long term vision is certain to benefit the country as well as the company thus leading to success. Daleel has such a vision.

Part of the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said is to share benefits of the natural reserves of the country with the local community. Daleel supports the local community and contributes to developing the in-country value initiative by using high quality contractors in Oman.

As one of the leading producers in the oil and gas sector, Daleel Petroleum has given the industry a unique set of opportunities; especially to the small and medium enterprises that service the E&P operators in the core activities. Our engagement with them has proven beneficial with some entities that have propelled to become prominent players in the mainstream Oil & Gas services. In addition, we have given focus through directly contributing to the strategic drive of ICV with prominent roles in a number of initiatives.