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SME Mentorship Programme

As one of the leading producers in the oil and gas sector, Daleel Petroleum has given the industry a unique set of opportunities; especially to the small and medium enterprises that service the exploration and production operators in Oman.
Daleel continues this support through its In Country Value (ICV) initiatives which have the following objectives:

  • To increase the human capabilities of Omani SME owners.
  • To increase business development capabilities of Omani SMEs.
  • To stimulate productivity (and efficiencies) in Oman’s economy.
  • To help ensure that value added services and products benefit Omani SMEs.

Daleel has years of experience in contracting & procurement, corporate governance, HSE, and sustainable development--we have designed a programme to help ensure that Omani SMEs have access to the same types of best in class business management and planning practices namely the Daleel Petroleum SME Mentorship Program (DPSM).
Through the DPSM, we will match Omani owned and operated SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) with local Omani and Expatriate professionals in a mentoring relationship.

MENTEES (Musafir):
Ideal SME mentee companies will be those presently operating in the oil and gas industry, and those in other industries which require similar business management practices. These mentor relationships will be closely monitored to ensure that appropriate objectives are agreed to at the beginning and are tracked throughout the 12 months of the relationship.
Examples of SMEs which would benefit from being a Mentee in the DPSM:

  • SMEs in the oil and gas industry providing services and/or products to larger companies (i.e. SME subcontractors).
  • SMEs involved in providing logistical and/or support services.
  • SMEs in industries in which the preparation of bids in response to requests for tenders is a common characteristic.
  • SMEs which derive a large amount of revenue from contracts and/or projects.
  • SMEs which require extensive project and/or contract management capabilities.

MENTORS (Daleel):
With regards to the Mentors, qualified local mentors will commit to the following:

  • Commit to 3-5 hours per month to Mentee meetings (face-to-face, via email, and via the telephone) for a period of 12 months.
  • Actively participate in the setting of expectations/goals with mentees.
  • Support the mentee’s development of professional and interpersonal competencies through strategic questioning, goal setting, and planning.
  • Create a supportive and trusting environment in which the communication channels are freely flowing.
  • Agree to and schedule uninterrupted time with the mentee.
  • Stay accessible, committed, and engaged during the length of the mentoring programme.
  • Encourage your mentee by giving genuine positive reinforcement/feedback.

Once qualified mentors and mentees are accepted, they will be matched into mentor relationships based upon the needs of the mentees and the strengths of the mentors. A structured orientation is held which will clearly address and explain expectations and mentoring tools.
The mentoring programme is expected to begin in February, 2016.

To Apply as a mentor download and fill the following form. Then send it to us with the title ‘Mentor/Name’ as the file name and the email title to
Daleel Mentor Application Form

To Apply as a mentee download and fill the following form. Then send it to us with the title ‘Mentee/Name’ as the file name and the email title to
Daleel Mentee Application Form
The closing date for receiving applications will be 21st February 2016.
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