The community is at the heart of our business. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team has created an annual action plan based on numerous studies, research and field visits.


The plan covers significant and sustainable projects that match the needs of society. In order to achieve the maximum public benefit and to target the relevant segments of the society, each project is deployed in coordination with relevant governmental authorities.

Education and training, civic infrastructure and social welfare are some of the most important areas of focus.


After conducting several studies, researches and numerous field visits; the CSR team at Daleel Petroleum has prepared this annual plan covering the most significant and sustainable projects that commensurate with the society’s needs. While preparing the annual plan, we worked closely with the relevant governmental authorities in order to achieve the maximum public benefit and to target the relevant segments of the society in each project.

Daleel focused on the following sectors:
  • Education & Training
  • Municipal & Public Services
  • Social

The company realized the need to do more on these sectors in particular to make a tangible impact that can help the community members to live in a well-being, healthy environment and with high level of awareness and education.

Key Highlights - 2018
20 Scholarships for General Diploma Programme Graduates
800 participants in Schools Students Training Programme
Provision of Dedicated Interactive Education Hall for Science and Technology Centre, Al Dakhiliya
Ramadan Charity Campaign to support families in Ibri
Eid Clothing Programme
New Slaughterhouse in Yanqul
Expansion of the market of Hujairmat, Ibri
Street Lighting Project
For details, please refer to the CSR annual report Click here to view