Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Daleel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, granted scholarships to help 20 deserving Omani General Diploma-holders across the Sultanate to continue their studies to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in various engineering fields.

SME Mentorship Programme

Daleel has supported 9 SMEs from the Oil & Gas Industry through a programme to mentor Omani talents and SMEs. Mentees were matched to mentors based on their needs. The support, which included meetings, workshops and seminars, focused mainly on addressing the concerns of SMEs successfully. The programme was designed to build resilient SMEs equipped to meet business challenges, especially in managing finances, marketing, bidding for tendering, registration on the Joint Supplier Registration System, and in pursing networking opportunities.

Personal Computer (PC) Initiative

Innovations and technological developments have made it a challenge to stay updated with the teaching and learning methods in schools. Daleel has implemented a PC Initiative, "From Musandam to Dhofar", which aims to support schools with modern educational equipment. The programme, which began in 2018, will included schools in two governorates every year and continue till all regions in the Sultanate are covered.

TASARA Programme

The TASARA programme is meant to develop selected SMEs in the oil & gas supply chain from small to medium or large enterprises within 3 years or less. Of 40 SMEs nominated, 10 with the highest potential for growth were selected by Maharat and Daleel for a fast-paced 6-week pilot programme on leadership delivered by Maharat and the Oman Academy for SMEs and fully funded by Daleel Petroleum.