HSE Projects

Our QHSSE Management Systems, Policies and Procedures are constantly updated to meet Omani Laws and Regulations, as well as our Internal Standards

We recognise the important role of training in promoting awareness and adoption of QHSSE standards.

  • Introducing innovative QHSSE tools & training (e-learning)
  • Mobilising resources for a specialised fire truck for Daleel oilfield
  • Implementing adequate security measures
  • Promoting the “Go Green” strategy
  • Overseeing a 9-month “Lose to Win” weight loss programme for the well-being of our employee & contractor community
  • Managing waste segregation and recycling campaign at the Head Office.
  • Security Inauguration Project Phase I: As part of the Company commitment and responsibility to create a safe corporate environment for human and assets, Daleel Petroleum inaugurated its Integrated Security System at Daleel oil field. The project is implemented in line with the directives of His Majesty on enhancing security of oil and gas establishments.
  • Drum Washer & Crusher Daleel acquired a Drum Washer & Crusher unit to solve a persistent environmental issue related to accumulation of metal and plastic drums at oilfield sites. This dual-purpose system washes the drums and crushes them into small flat disks, effectively reducing storage and logistics expenses when shipping as scrap metal.
    Daleel has already cleaned and crushed nearly 13,500 drums as part of our endeavour to reduce their negative impact on the environment. The crushed drums are sent to the scrapyard for auction.